Artists and Speakers

Marlee Whichard

At just 16 years old Marlee Whichard brings a strong presence to the stage, you would think she has been leading Worship for years. Some people have talent and then there are those that have talent and a calling on their life. We are so excited to have Marlee this year. With so much realness and depth to her vocals and her love for Jesus Christ coupled with her evident passion for Worshiping the King, the skies the limit for Marlee. Marlee comes to us from Charlotte, NC with her supportive parents David and Lori Whichard by her side. We know she will bless your heart as much as she does ours, she’s a diamond in the rough.


It’s rare these days to find people with as much talent as these two and a heart for God that exudes out of every note played and lyric sung. The key to Scott and Joni Anderson is they worship and engages their audience to do the same, you can’t help but be lifted to a different place when you hear them worship, they cart you into the presence of God.

Scott and Joni Anderson are from Wilmington, NC and they are worship leaders at Life Community Church since 2014. They have been married for 8 years and have a beautiful 4 year old son, Caleb. In addition to their leading worship at their church they also enjoy traveling and leading worship at various events and conferences.

Scott and Joni were apart of our event last year and we are so excited to have them back again this year. You do not want to miss them.

Here’s a quote from them but we like to call it there mission statement:
“It’s our desire to combine our passion for God with our passion for music and see families, communities, cities, nations, and the world changed through encountering Him.”

Ashley-Rae Geno

I am 23 years old, married to my first boyfriend. We met through my ministry, passion for purity that I started when I was 14.  We have a little boy Izaiah and one more on the way!
I have been in ministry and leading worship since I was 12.
I am passionate about leading people in worship not just through song, but by creating a lifestyle of worship in our everyday lives.
My desire is to see the body of Christ walk in the spirit , demonstrating purity in this lost and broken world.


Karlton was once a secular Hip-Hop artist but in 2007 that all changed when one morning he heard the audible voice of God.  Several weeks later he had a near death experience that lead him to completely give his life to Jesus Christ.  Karlton’s goal is to tell the world about the love of God and encourage the listeners of his music to believe in God and truly live out the calling that God has given us all to follow through the example of His son Jesus Christ.


Karlton’s most recent highly anticipated EP titled “I Believe” is expected to be the #1 chart topping Christian Hip-Hop and Jazz EP of the year that also blends Future Bass, EDM, R&B, and Reggae.  The EP includes collaborations with Cherch, Braille of Humble Beast/Beautiful Eulogy, and Rachel Jones. The song “I Believe” on the EP was produced as well as mixed/mastered by BEAUZ whom are signed to Armada records. The music video for “I Believe” was shot by music video director Kre8tor.  The track titled “Da Blood” on the EP was produced by Ski Beatz.  The EP was also produced by J2 productions.  Karlton’s first album The Calling received much success and was featured on the #1 Christian Hip-Hop and Rap Music Online Magazine,, and in the highly respected jazz online and print magazine  His first EP “Brighter Day” received much success on radio and received successful coverage by several online music news websites, social media websites, blogs, forums, and message boards. It also received approximately 250,000 online streams. In addition his EP was submitted for Grammy consideration to the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Karlton has more than 18 years of experience in the music industry as a recording artist.


With his new EP “I Believe” officially releasing on February 16, 2018 along with his music video Karlton states “I’m excited and honored to make music that encourages people to believe in God and helps people recognize the true meaning of life and the calling that God has given them.”


Pastor Michael Rozell is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Refuge Ranch Ministries located right outside of Charlotte, NC. Pastor Michael grew up in southern California, and had a not-so-appealing reputation through his run-in with the law. Though he knew about God, he had never fully encountered Jesus and His grace. Eventually, God got ahold of Pastor Michael’s life and radically transformed him in the California mountains which brought his family to North Carolina with a vision to fuel God’s kingdom and he founded the ministry in 1990. With many trials and setbacks, Pastor Michael walked out of a jail cell in 2003 knowing that he was never going back, and with a mission to reach as many people possible and help them live a life Freed, Filled and on Fire to walk out their calling not being held back by strongholds.

Pastor Michael has studied under the teachings of Derek Prince for many years and continues to use his teachings and revelation to further his knowledge in the area of deliverance and healing. He has a strong passion to reach the untaught and show them truth, so that they can live the life that Jesus died on the cross for them to have. Pastor Michael makes authenticity a priority, and is passionate about awakening people to their God-given destiny and equipping the local Churches and pastors with the truth and revelation of the vital need for deliverance.

Refuge Ranch has had a global effect, as many were challenged by the powerful message of freedom that is not taught in most religious churches. In 2017 alone, Refuge Ranch has reached half a million people and is watched in over 100 countries.

Refuge Ranch Website


Pastor Corey Weaver has been involved in the music scene since 1996 in bands and various groups but singing as long as he can remember. The vast majority of his music career was in a Christian Metal band called Bloodline Severed which is still active today but only as a recording project. In this band he booked shows and tours and they had a successful career in that music scene: touring, shot 2 music video’s, played large festivals, and were signed to 2 record labels.

God called Corey away in 2012 in what was “one of the darkest times of my life, see I had let sin enter in and led a very private sinful life while in the band, I was living a double life. I was addicted to pornography and it took my ministry and nearly cost me my family”. Then started a snow ball effect in Corey’s life while God was trying to get his attention. He struggled with DEEP depression and anxiety, he was diagnosed with cancer in February of 2014, and then lost his mother July of the same year. “It was the toughest time of my life but even through all the struggles I saw clearer than I ever had, he was there with me in the valley, he wanted to clean me up and rescue me, he did and he was there”.

Then God begin to call me into a different line of ministry. I started in evangelism and pastoring in 2015 which led to Sought Out City Ministries which puts on the Fresh Outpouring Event. We are ministry that goes into downtown Winston and have church on the streets, feed the homeless and pray with them. We pray for their salvation and deliverance, I loved being behind the pulpit but I am alive when I am on the streets ministering to those broken, hurting, “the cast away’s”, and the addicted right where they are. “It was Jesus’ and the disciples mode of ministry who am I to change it”.
We desire to see those far from Christ or stalled out in their relationship with Him brought into a new life and a vibrant relationship with the King of King and Lord of Lords. We desire people to see how much they are loved by God and how he can change their life and give them a new identity in God’s son, Jesus Christ. We want to see people healed and delivered all to point to Christ. He is our deliverer, our healer, our provider, our identity, our sanctifier, our justifier, our redeemer, he is everything. “I am walking proof of it”.

Corey lives in Winston Salem with his beautiful wife and their 2 beautiful boys. “We have a heart for this city and we will take it back and raise the banner over it, the banner of Christ”.

Isaiah 62:12: And they shall be called The Holy people, The redeemed of the Lord; and you shall be called Sought Out, A City Not Forsaken.